Year 9 Seek Enlightenment

On Monday, Year 9 RE students visited Samye Ling, a Tibetan Monastery in Scotland, to learn more about Buddhism.

Samye Ling is a monastery and international centre of Buddhist training, known for the authenticity of its teachings and tradition. It offers instruction in Buddhist philosophy and meditation within the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. It is also a centre for the preservation of Tibetan religion, culture, medicine, art, architecture and handicrafts.

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The students toured the grounds, visited the temple and practiced some meditation, had lunch and sat in on traditional chanting by Buddhist monks, a short clip of which can be seen below.

Year 10 Get Creative

Year 10 students last week visited Northumbria University and took part in a Fashion and Textiles workshop with TICE (This Is Creative Enterprise). View the gallery for some photos of the three day event, and click the link here for more details.

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Prayer Space at Marden

Marden High School have this week been hosting a ‘Prayer Space In Schools’ event.

All KS3 students have been given the opportunity to use the space to slow down, have time for reflection and be creative in thinking about themselves and some of the challenges they and others face.

They have been asking big questions and taking part in a number of individual and group activities in order to explore their spiritual side. if you require further details.

School Lunch Money – please can you help?

Our catering staff have asked for your help. Lots of students are bringing
in £10 and £20 notes on Monday as payment for school lunch. This causes
the team a great deal of problems with change. We would be really grateful
if you could help them by sending in £1 coins where possible instead of
large value notes. The team are really grateful for your help – Thank you.


Catering Services Facilities and Fair Access

Young Americans are back!

The Young Americans are a non-profit group who use music to stimulate growth in self-confidence, teamwork and understanding in students and audiences around the world.

After two years away, they are returning to Marden High School, rehearsing and performing in our brand new building between the 4th and 6th of November 2016. 

Download (PDF, 3.25MB)

For more information, see Mrs Bloomfield and look out for our posters with details of how to sign up coming soon…