At Marden we put the learning and progress of students first. Our school motto is Carpe Diem – Seize The Day!

Take a look at this video to see our school in action.

Year 7 Get Creative in RE!

From Aztec temples and Pagan ruins to Stupas, Churches and Mosques, Year 7 have pulled out all of the stops with their Independent Study this week. We’ve had everything from buildings, cakes, models crafted on Minecraft, as well as beautifully presented written work and presentations. The RE department couldn’t be prouder!

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Marden’s Athletes of the Future

Our talented sporting students are currently on the ‘Athletes of the Future Programme’ in partnership with Tyne Met. Yesterday they visited Tyne Met to attend the NESA Awards Ceremony and are here pictured with special guests Peter Beardsley and Fabulous Flournoy.

Marden Great Languages Bake Off

In March, five students took part in the event “The Great Languages Bake Off” combining their language, cooking and filmmaking skills. After making a video of themselves creating a dish, in this case an Apfelstrudel and Gateau au chocolat, they went to Sunderland University where they had to give a presentation in front of all the other students taking part.
Outside Sunderland Uni with ambassador
They were met by the lovely student ambassador Sarah who showed them around and gave them drinks and cake as well as telling them what student life was like. The students did brilliantly with their videos and presentations and had a great time visiting the university.
Memory game with ambassador