Business Visitor works with Year 10

Business Studies students have been trying to work out which element of the marketing mix is the most important for local personal training and fitness entrepreneur David Fairlamb.

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The Y10 students have been experiencing what it will be like to complete a controlled assessment as part of their GCSE qualification.  In the Autumn term the students will be completing the controlled assessment for real and it will count for 25% of their final GCSE.  Going through a dry run gives the students an opportunity to experience the process and to know what to expect in advance, ensuring they are as prepared as possible.

The chosen task for the controlled assessment was to research a small local business and evaluate its marketing mix.  This has involved students researching in textbooks and the internet and culminated in a visit from David on Wednesday 5th July.

As David explained, it is really important to ensure that a business gets its marketing mix right.  To maximise sales, businesses have to sell a product (good or service) that is appealing to the target market, in the right place and at a price potential customers are willing to pay.  Competition in the fitness industry is fierce and promotion and advertising has to be both informative and persuasive to potential clients.

David is a local entrepreneur who runs a personal training business.  He is very interested in fitness. You may have seen his beach boot-camps on Longsands beach which are attended by 50 to 80 people each week.

The students made a market map for David Fairlamb which Will Ross introduced. They asked him a series of questions that they have devised about running his business being an entrepreneur and his marketing mix.

He was really grateful for the marketing map and we will be sending him some completed reports.