Congratulations Class of 2017!

Well done to the Class of 2017 for outstanding exam results this year. GCSE results at Marden continue to rise…

  • Significantly positive value added

  • 81% English and maths combined

  • 81% 5 A* – C including English and maths

  • 86% A* – C grades

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“There have been many happy faces in school this morning as our Class of 2017 have been in to collect their results. They have done very well and it is pleasing to see that outcomes for our students have continued to rise this year in spite of the standards bar being raised and GCSEs being designed to be more difficult. 

These results are a great testament to the hard work and commitment of our wonderful students and staff. We are immensely proud of them all” – Mr M Snape, Headteacher
Well done Class of 2017!

Awesome GCSE Results!

Marden High School is celebrating another set of fantastic GCSE results this summer. They are amongst the best results the school has ever achieved with 78% of students achieving A* – C passes in both English and Maths.

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This year 85% of students achieved A* – C in English, and 82% in Mathematics. We have seen great success in many areas, notably 100% of students who studied GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further Maths, German and Russian gained A* – C grades.

Joan Bloomfield, Acting Headteacher, said ‘Congratulations to all year 11 students. They have done incredibly well. A number of students have gained A/A* grades in all of their subjects which is a fantastic achievement. Every subject has performed magnificently.’

‘These fantastic results mean a huge amount for our pupils and their parents, the staff who have worked tirelessly to support them and the school community as a whole’.


Laura (left) received an A^ and 10 A* grades. Rebecca (right) received 10 A* grades and one A. Well done!

We look forward to welcoming you all to Prize Giving in November which will be held in the auditorium of our brand new school.

A Farewell Note from the Head

May I take this last opportunity to thank the whole of the Marden High School Community for supporting me in the privilege of leading this amazing school.

Together, we’ve certainly packed in a great deal of activity over the past four years and we’ve seen a lot of changes. I’ve tried to place an unrelenting emphasis on our core purpose of teaching and learning and it has been thrilling to work alongside a great staff team in providing  exciting learning opportunities for our students.

There are countless individuals to thank, but I must mention my deputy, Daniel Jamieson. He has been a crucial factor in the development of Marden and richly deserves his appointment as headteacher of Burnside Community Business College.

However, I am confident that Daniel and I are leaving Marden in more than capable hands.

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2013-14: A Great School Year: A Word from the Head


Looking back at 2013-14, I am proud to  say that we’ve  lived up to our Carpe Diem school motto. We’ve certainly seized the day and made the most of the exciting opportunities which have come our way.

Look at what we’ve achieved: record breaking GCSE results, great OFSTED report and the increasing support of prospective parents. Remarkably, we’ve admitted 60 students by mid term transfer since September so the good word about us is definitely getting round. It’s great to know that  parents and carers from all over North Tyneside and south Northumberland are seeing us as their first choice of secondary school, even though they don’t live in our immediate locality.

And to top it all, it is thrilling to know that we have secured government funding for an entirely new school building. So in September 2016 we will open the doors to a brand new Marden High School, containing far superior opportunities for academic study and  fully integrated provision for technology, sport and the arts so that the extracurricular life of the school will flourish even more.

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A Note from the Head: Where are we now and where are we going?

A big event happened this week.

We saw the first designs of our new school building.

In an exciting two hour meeting, the architects talked us through their initial ideas for a compact, state of the art, 21st century school  for 900 pupils with suites of subjects strategically positioned around the campus. But the most important feature was that they had listened to our “design drivers”. We told them that we wanted a modern environment but that  the essential components of the Marden DNA were not for sale: Carpe Diem, teaching and learning come first, everyone matters…you know the kind of thing. And it was thrilling to see that they were all there, but even better than they are now. So in September 2016 we will open the doors to brand new facilities, containing far superior opportunities for academic study and ( here’s the big point) fully integrated provision for technology, sport and the arts so that the extracurricular life of the school will flourish even more.

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The OFSTED Experience

Well, it’s happened.

The phone call came at 12.05 on Tuesday and by 16.30 on Thursday it was all over.


The  single most intense and dramatic event in the life of a modern school had come and gone.

Now before I go any further, I’m not allowed to tell you the inspectors’ verdict before the publication of the final report in a couple of weeks time. Let’s just say that the staff and I are looking forward to reading it.

I must also say that we were overwhelmed by the massive support from parents and carers we received in person and on Parent View. The inspectors were amazed by the positivity of the responses and I hope that this is fairly represented in their judgements. You can find the Parent View findings very easily on the Internet where you’ll read that 96% would recommend Marden to other parents.

So what was it like to be “ Ofstedded”?

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