Head’s Blog: The Quiet Revolution

I did some serious thinking on Friday afternoon.

I was having a great time , as I always do on our training days. After an excellent lunch in our new cafe, all of the staff were on a carousel of ICT training in the use of Google Docs. There I was in front of a computer, enjoying a workshop expertly led by Stephen Dodds and Matt Swain.

And suddenly I realised that a massive change has occurred at Marden, almost without us noticing.

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Head’s Blog: Hats Off to City

Anyone who has been within ten paces of me this week will know that  my big event of the term so far has been a visit to another school.

Now that doesn’t mean that I’m playing down the great things we’ve been doing at Marden recently and  I must pay tribute to the way in which staff and students have teamed together to make our new systems work. But if it’s OK with you, I’ll save all of that for other blogs.

This is what I want to tell you.

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Head’s Blog: Being Open…and don’t forget our open evening on Thursday September 27th at 6.00pm!

Open is an interesting word and one that applies to Marden at a number of levels. This is because we’re an open school in more ways than you might think

First of all, we’re open for business.

The start of term reopening was particularly enjoyable this year because we could bask in the glory of our best ever exam results and enjoy all of the improvements to the campus which happened in the holiday.

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