Taekwondo Success

Congratulations to Year 8 students Belle and Eve who both competed in the ITF British Championships at the weekend in Scotland.  Belle achieved two gold medals and a silver and Eve achieved two bronze medals at the event.  Eve was also successful at the ITF English Championship in London where she achieved both a gold and silver in special technique and patterns.  A superb set of results for both girls. Well done!

Year 7 Get Creative in Cross-Curricular Project

This term, a small group of Year 7 students have been working on a cross-curricular project between the Technology and Media Studies departments; their task was to create a digital media marketing campaign promoting careers in STEM!

One team’s eye-catching poster designs.

This could promote STEM in school or STEM careers and also give Year 7 the opportunity to take part in some practical Media Studies lessons and learn about the world of media marketing.

In an ‘Apprentice’-style task over twelve lessons, they went head-to-head as rival teams and designed team logos, posters and campaign videos, as well as learning about careers in STEM and the importance of brand identity.

The teams present their work at the end of the project.

Another intrepid group will now take on the task over the coming weeks. For a more in-depth look at what they have been getting up to, CLICK HERE to visit the dedicated project page on our website.

Well done to everyone who worked so hard!

Marden Remembers

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All week at Marden we have been building up to the centenary of the end of the First World War.

This has culminated in our History Detectives reuniting for one last ceremony. The group were part of an ambitious project back in Year 7 when they ‘adopted’ local soldiers and carried out research about the fallen men from Cullercoats who never came home.

Now in Year 11, the History Detectives have returned to Cullercoats, along with students from Monkhouse Primary and Cullercoats Primary, to take part in a special ceremony. They wrote the names of local soldiers in the sand and then listened to a reading by Fr. Adrian Hughes of St. George’s Church, all in the shadow of the remembrance board that they designed at the beginning of the project, and just round the corner from many of the houses that they adorned with blue plaques in collaboration with the Northumbria WW1 Commemoration Project back in 2015.

The waves then washed over the names as Fr. Adrian said a prayer and there was a moment of reflection as ‘The Last Post’ was played by former Marden student Calum Hartwell.

Many other special projects have been devised across the curriculum this week, including assemblies and Personal Development lessons delivered by the Year 9 History student leadership team on the theme of remembrance.

This will all culminate in the school observing a two minute silence at 11am on Friday to remember those who have fought in all wars.

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Mansfield Cross Country Relays

At Marden we have a fantastic reputation for sporting success, and many of our students are involved in clubs both in and out of school. On the 3rd of November, Year 7 student Benjamin Maley took part in the Mansfield Cross Country Relays with his running club, North Shields Polytechnic, and has written a fantastic report of the day for his club’s website…Ben takes up the story here…

On a bleak Saturday Morning, the athletes who would be running at Mansfield arrived at Monkseaton Metro Station to see the coach there waiting for them for the long journey to Berry Hill Park where the race would take place.

The first race was the  under 13 boys, who would begin at 11:26 and run 2k per leg, for the Poly, Altogether, the team finsihed in a total time of 25minutes and 50seconds,which all of the team was highly satisfied with. First to Run, was Benjamin Maley finishing 99th with a time of 8:20; handing on to Olly Hayes, who had an impressive run, finishing 85th on his leg with a recorded time of 8:51  and finally, Reuben Elsworth took to the course and crossed the finish in 8:38 bringing the team into 77th of 88, a super result bearing in mind 3rd leg runner Rueben saved the team from being incomplete only the previous day.

After that was the U13 girls cosisting of Katie Joslyn, Lucy Fitzpatrick and Caitlyn Davies. On first leg, was Katie Joslyn who had a time of 8.07 finishing 48th on her leg. Soon after, was Lucy Fitzpatrick, who was 56th in a time of 8:42, then Caitlyn Davies who got  a time of 8:31 finish 49th out of again 88 teams, and a combined time of 25minutes and 21seconds. A brilliant performance.


Unfortunately, in the U17 mens race which was over a distance of 3k, there was one  competitor (an incomplete team) consisting of Mark Nash.  Despite being a lone competitor Mark still did outstanding in a time of 12:48 – particularly as his shoe came off and he had to carry it for the majority of the race. An outstanding run by an outstanding runner.

In the next race, the U15 girls there was one team and another incomplete team.  The complete team, was Holly Waugh who ran a time of 7:38 for the 2k course, finishing 48th on her leg. Next, was Gracie Davies, who ran a time of 8:09 finishing 49th on the 2nd leg. Following on, was Lily Robson with a time of 8:19 remaining in 49th of 93 teams. In the incomplete team, was Kirsty Nash having a time of 7:55, with Lucia Bradley running for 9:05 to show a successful race for all 5 athletes.

The next race was the U15 boys, where, first to run, was Josh Blevins, who in his first year in the category, finished 11th on his leg and had a time of 6:28, then, it was Ryan Eden’s turn, he finished 34th in 7:16. The final runner was Oliver Douglass who was 30th of all the 3rd leg runners with a time of 7:12.

Moving on to the Seniors.  First was the Senior Women’s race where incredibly they were the first team from the North East placing 45th, a stunning achievment. In this team was Carla Maley,  finishing in 11:39, Louise Hayes, who had a time of 12:00, and Natalie Thorburn on 3rd leg completing a time of 12:17. (This race featured in the Monday Night Chronicle) This team was closely followed by the ‘B’ team in 59th position. This team consisited of Alison Smith, 12:33, Lourdes Bradley, 12:33 and Jenny Simpson in 13:21 for the 3k course. An amazing performance ladies.

Finally, the Senior men set off on their grueling race of 5k consisting of 2 loops. Will Robson starting the ‘A’ team with a time of 17:21 as well as Scott Ellis in a time of 19:06 and the 3rd, (but not final runner as the men’s teams consist of four competitors), Graham Cook, 17:29, then, was Vaughan Hemy, who did an incredible job as team captain throughout the day so deserves a mention, in a time of 20:23, meaning the team was 77th. In the ‘B’ team was  Alan Turner in a time of 21:08, Jason Nash in 23:56, David Morris in 30:26 and last but not least, Spencer Brown, in a time of 33:35.

Yet again, it was a memorable day out with tons of fun being enjoyed throughout the day and on the bus. Special mentions are owed to coaches Lee Morgan and Mel Carr, who travelled and supported every runner and I believe I speak for every runner that they could  not have done it without their support and cheers.

Benjamin Maley.