Year 10 Revision Conference

On the afternoon of Thursday 11th July Year 10 pupils had a special surprise visit from Newcastle United goalkeeper, Rob Elliot. Rob delivered an inspiring speech to the students about the importance of hard work and resilience. His resounding message was to ‘be yourself.’
Year 10 then worked with their form teachers, reflecting on how they had prepared for recent exams and also how they should prepare, and look after themselves, for the year ahead.
There were some really reflective discussions and students were asked to identify their revision needs, which we will collate and plan for next year. All students were given a laminated revision timetable to take away to help plan their time.
The links to the resources can be found below.
How and what to revise by subject:

Revision conference slides:

Soccer Aid for Unicef Playground Challenge

Soccer Aid for Unicef Playground Challenge was delivered during Yr7 PE lessons on Wednesday 10th July.  This was a fundraising event and the money the school raised will help children in danger all over the world, helping them to grow up healthy and happy.

Four obstacle courses were set up and each child was timed to complete the course, moving with a ball at their feet or in their hands.  The students achieving the fastest times coming either first (gold), second (silver) or third (bronze) will all receive a gift voucher.


Marden’s Got Talons!

On Thursday Year 7 took part in a Super Learning Day based on a theme of flight. They spent the morning studying adaptations of birds of prey courtesy of staff from the Kielder Birds of Prey Centre.

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The afternoon was spent doing Science, Technology and Maths activities such as building and testing rockets, learning about bearings. Thanks to everyone who took part!

Marden’s Got Talent!

On Tuesday night we hosted our annual summer talent show Marden’s Got Talent! It was a great night with some tremendous talent on show.


Well done to everyone who took part!

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The Tyne and the Tide

Last week, 28 Year 7 students from Marden High were invited to work with charity Hand Of and three brass musicians to explore the work and rich history of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade (TVLB) through Art, Music, and Drama, in a project called THE TYNE AND THE TIDE.

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During the week, students visited North Nepia, a ship insurer, on Newcastle’s Quayside to learn about life at sea. With the support of the artists, students devised a multidisciplinary performance that was held on Friday 31 June, at the TVLB Museum. Family, friends, teachers, and some of the Coastal Rescue Team themselves, were delighted with the performance and congratulated students on their hard work throughout the week.