Marden Wins Writing Award!

As a regular supporter of Young Writers, Marden High School has been awarded 5-star school status. Following an exciting year of writing success and competition wins, we have been granted this exclusive honour by Young

Look out for more exciting competitions throughout the year! Congratulations to all our aspiring young writers who have contributed to this incredible success.

This Is Creative Enterprises: Final Show

Last Wednesday, ten of our intrepid Year 9 students enjoyed the culmination of their Creative Writing projects for This Is Creative Enterprises (TICE).

This year, TICE has seen 161 young people realise potential, grow in confidence and be celebrated for their achievements – 16 schools throughout the North East region took part, and ten Marden students graduated from the Creative Writing Programme.

All year the Year 9s have been working with professionals from the creative, design and digital sectors, taking part in three different programme stages; InsightExplore and Create. This was showcased on the evening of the Final Show as they received certificates and saw their work displayed at Newcastle University.

On the night, Marden student Olivia Peterson delivered a superb speech about the project to a packed audience of more than 450. Well done to everyone who took part!

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Work of the Week!

After last week’s snow days, we are back on track with the workers of the week who produced some stunning work before we were interrupted by the weather. Congratulations everyone!

Aiden produced this stunning artwork last week, earning him work of the week for Science!


Save Our Libraries!

Thanks to all students who made cards in the LRC this week in support of Cullercoats Library.


All North Tyneside Libraries are facing cuts and closures due to council cuts and Marden High students have been showing their appreciation of books and reading by sending handmade cards to the library with messages inside of why they love to read.


Miss Seal took a total of 76 cards away with her on Friday and they are currently on display in Brown’s Salthouse in Cullercoats.

They will eventually be displayed either in the library or other local businesses so keep your eyes peeled!

Christmas Poetry Competition

Congratulations to all pupils who entered the Christmas poetry competition; the work was of a very high standard.

1st place         Japharna Cornwell   11R
2nd place        Anna Drake              11D
3rd place         Holly Mitchell              7A

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mrs Potter

Year 7 History Debate

Year 7 Historians have been developing their Historical Skills through work on the Suffragettes. They’ve been exploring bias and propaganda – especially the difference between the tactics of the Suffragettes (academic, logical arguments) and the anti-suffrage movement (bias, suggestion and emotive language).

They finished their unit with a debate on the proposition that ‘the violent actions of the Suffragettes got women the vote’. Students followed the British Parliamentary debating style, and worked in teams to formulate arguments for or against the proposition. Their speeches needed to be a minimum of two minutes (easier said than done), include a powerful argument, anticipate the counter arguments, and respond to the speakers on the other side.
The quality of their arguments was phenomenal – students really got in to their parts and passionately argued each point. The quality of questioning from the floor really challenged the speakers, who dealt with being put on the spot with resilience. Special mention needs to go to Daniel and Neve who put forward excellent arguments, Drew who managed to anticipate the opposition’s arguments with foresight, and to Mr Lindsay (who had to step in at the last minute) for his superb use of alliteration while putting forward the incredibly entertaining argument that a woman’s place is in the home (he really got in to his anti-suffrage role!).
They rose to the challenge and really excelled themselves.

Marden Has Been Hired!

10 students from year 9 and 10 who are studying French attended Newcastle University yesterday for an opportunity to be a European Apprentice.

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Led by Europe Direct and Routes into Languages the students took part in a series of activities which were marked and judged by language ambassadors from the University. They had to answer a letter of complaint and respond to a positive review on various products, translate a series of phrases connected to marketing and advertising and work in a team using a variety of resources. This was all leading to the creation of an animated advert for hairspray and a fast food restaurant where they wrote and recorded the voice over as well as animated the presentation.
Marden High School achieved first and second place! Running second for most of the day they upped their game and beat the other schools. Year 10 as Team Grenoble came first and were able to say “Vous êtes viré” (You’re fired) to the other teams. Year 9 (the only year 9 team) as Team Nice came a very close second.
Well done to all those involved!