Year 10 GCSE English Information Evening

Due to current government guidelines, this year’s GCSE English information evening, for all Year 10 parents and students, is taking place as a digital online event. Please find the presentation and supporting revision materials below.

Click here for VIDEO LINK

Auto top-up assists parents and carers in ensuring their child’s school meal balance is
always in credit. It does so by allowing you to set a minimum balance which, when breached
automatically credits your child’s meal balance by a fixed amount using a balance transfer

In order to use auto top-up, you are required to set up the bank transfer facility on your
Parentpay account. As soon as this is authorised and completed by your bank, you will be
able to use the auto top-up facility.

For more information visit or

Year 10 Interim Reports

Year 10 interim reports are now on the Parent Portal. The grades reflect where pupils are currently at in this early stage of their GCSE courses. The target included is an end of Year 10 target that pupils are working towards. If you have any issues logging on to the parent portal please contact

Network Rail: Important Notice

Due to the very high level of trespassing on the tracks by young people in our local area, Network Rail in partnership with Learn Live are working to help raise awareness to students across the UK educating them about the dangers of the train tracks through interactive digital delivery.

Please follow the link to this secondary school video about the dangers of trespassing on railway lines.

Notice from North Tyneside Catering Services

ParentPay Update

Our catering provider introduced the ParentPay cashless system for school meal payments
from September. Thank you to everyone who has registered on ParentPay.

The benefits of this are:

  • Safe: no cash handling
  • Secure: Set up payments online to pay for meals
  • Peace of mind: Manage your account and see when meals have been taken and how
    much your child has spent
  • Faster: Reduces queues with faster transactions at the till
  • No identification of pupils on free school meals

It is important that you set up your ParentPay account by October half term, for your
child to purchase school meals. Pupils can only pay for meals through ParentPay
with their unique QR code or pin number.

If you require activation details or a QR code or Pin Number, please email