Kitchen Takeover – The Results…

In an exciting week in which the Marden kitchens were taken over by staff and student teams every morning last week, we can now reveal the results of all their hard work…

…Teams were awarded points by hungry students for taste, presentation and service; but it wasn’t just the students calling the shots. The kitchen staff also chipped in with marks for planning, organisation and cooking. There were also bonus points for extra portions dished out, and in a very high scoring week, the consistency of Mr Morris (with a little help from Food Technology teacher Mrs Rae) won through in the end, scoring an impressive 105 for their pork and apple burgers.

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Kitchen Takeover Week

This week, the Marden kitchen is being taken over by the students, as Year 7 and Year 8 students join forces with a different teacher every day to produce a unique new menu.


For the final day of this week’s Food Takeover Challenge, our Bursar Mr. Hedworth and his team are already in the kitchen, preparing their heavily publicised pasta dish and cheesecake dessert…

Peter's day montage

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