Marden Lumiere 2018

All Year 8 students enthusiastically took part in a variety of experiences during the latest Super Learning Day.

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The programme for the day involved reflecting on the use made of light in the local churches and we are grateful to both Cullercoats Methodist Church and St George’s Church in Cullercoats for hosting groups of students as they researched stained glass windows.

Another group of students used knowledge of shadow and lighting to create superb light boxes.

They took part in a Science and Dance based activity in which they created a motion piece to illustrate the energy transferred by coloured light, as well as a Media project, designing Christmas themed adverts which used the colour theme of the day.

Then, in the afternoon, all students created and made Christmas themed stained glass effect panels to help decorate the school.

Well done to all who took part, and have a great Christmas.

Year 7 Super Learning Day


During our recent “What Makes the Coast Special?” Super Learning Day, Year 7 students were divided into three groups.

Those students working with the Science department focused on how creatures that lived in the sea and on the seashore were adapted for survival. they visited the Blue Reef Aquarium to see live specimens and used personal research on the internet to produce a set of Sea Creature Top Trumps.

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The Art department worked with students on the beach producing sand sculptures and then painted sea-scape pictures and the media department took students out to take photographs and film footage which was used to create a short documentary about the North East coastline.

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The Media group had an opportunity to explore the coastline and interpret “What Makes the Coast Special” however they wished, through the medium of video and photography. They spent the morning researching ideas and gathering footage, and in the afternoon split into two groups and experimented with some Media software – some used Photoshop to create poster designs using their beach photography and some edited video footage in a variety of genres including news reports, documentaries and experimental video art.

Well done Year 7!

Winging It!

All Year 7 students on Thursday took part in a Super Learning Day based on a theme of flight. They spent the morning studying adaptations of birds of prey courtesy of some interesting visitors from Kielder Birds of Prey Centre. The afternoon was spent doing Science, Technology and Maths activities such as building and testing helicopters and rockets. Everyone had a great day.

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All The School’s A Stage…

The English department yesterday celebrated the 434th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth with a range of exciting lessons. Students brought in cakes, biscuits, cards and birthday presents for the Bard, and there were numerous party-related activities celebrating England’s most famous writer and dramatist.

There was some great work on display. Here are some photographs of the day!

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Let There Be Light!

The Year 8s have been taking part in an Art & Science Super Learning Day today, learning all about light, energy and colour.

After experimenting with light boxes and coloured ribbons in the morning, some of the group visited St. George’s Church and Cullercoats Methodist Church to get some inspiration for their Christmas themed stained glass windows, which they designed in the afternoon.

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Year 7 Super Learners

Year 7 took part in the first Super Learning Day of the year, investigating what makes the coast special. The year group was split into three and enjoyed three different subjects; Science, Art and Media Studies.

The Science group visited the Blue Reef Aquarium in the morning and made sea creature Top Trumps in the afternoon. The art group made sand sculptures at Tynemouth Longsands, and the Media group created a marketing campaign for the North East coast.

Well done to everyone who took part for a great day.

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Marden’s Got Talons

As part of a Science Super Learning Day, we we were visited on Tuesday morning by staff from Kielder Birds of Prey centre who taught Year 7 about different types of birds of prey.








In the afternoon they built rockets and helicopters which they tested, and learnt more about flight.


MaD Day at Newcastle Medical School!

On Thursday 15 June, eleven Year 9 students visited Newcastle University MaD day (Medicine and Dentistry day) to give them an insight into what it was like to study medicine or dentistry at university.

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They had a fabulous time at the Medical School, getting hands on experience in a range of activities including maintaining airways, fitting neck braces, performing ultrasound scans of the abdomen, plastering “broken” arms and practising laparoscopy building towers with sugar cubes.

At the Dentistry school they practised coordinating movements while looking through a mirror, examined dentition from various animals and human teeth samples, revealed how good they were at brushing their teeth using disclosing tablets and carved a

false tooth out of wax. A very enjoyable day all round for our potential doctors or dentists of the future.