To all parents and carers,

As outlined in the 2018 Summer Term, we are introducing a skirt and a pair of trousers to the uniform, both of which have the Marden logo smartly embroidered on.

The intention is that eventually all students will be wearing this type of either skirt or trousers. However, we are aware that you may already have uniform ready for your child for September 2018, in which case we are not asking you to purchase this new skirt or pair of trousers straight away.

We would like all our students wearing these garments with logos by September 2019, and therefore next academic year will be somewhat of a transition year, where some students will have the new skirt or trousers on, and others not. We would ask that when you do buy skirt or trousers between now and August 2019, that they are of the type which has the Marden logo, in readiness for September 2019.

Many thanks for your support.

Mr. Snape, June 2018

Please click here to buy uniform online.

Download (PDF, 3.66MB)