Sixth Form Relationship

Marden is a partner in the Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College, along with Norham, John Spence
and TyneMet College. These four partners contribute to the governance and senior leadership of
the sixth form. Our sixth formers and the staff who teach them retain very strong links with the
school. This includes Marden staff teaching A levels in the college alongside their school teaching
commitment and very close working between the school and college student councils.

Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College has 100% pass rates across a broad range of subject areas and
a number of award winning teachers ensuring that students have access to the highest quality of
teaching and learning. We believe that the sixth form college experience is an excellent stepping
stone between school and university. It provides the opportunity for our A level students to develop
the necessary skills and attributes to make the most of their university from day one, whilst pursuing
academic excellence in their chosen studies.

Our close relationship with TyneMet College, established through the Sixth Form Partnership, gives
all Marden students access to excellent information advice and guidance for all available post 16
opportunities, enabling them to make well informed choices for their post 16 studies whether these
are A levels, vocational courses or apprenticeships.

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