Ski Trip – Important Information

With our Year 10 and 11 ski trip to Alpendorf in Austria just a week away, we would like to share some important information to students, parents and carers regarding the trip and travel arrangements.

The following information from our travel company is also being sent home in a letter, but if you would like to discuss anything in person, staff will be available in school at 5.00pm on Tuesday 12 February.

Travel Information

Departure – The coach is due to depart Marden High School at 1.00pm on Saturday 16 February. The school gates will be open from 12.30pm. Please allow plenty of time to arrive and load up the coach before we depart.

Luggage – We have been asked to ensure that students bring one medium sized piece of luggage to be stored in the coach hold.  In addition to this, one small piece of hand luggage can be stored overhead. For those that have not followed these instructions there is a risk that luggage will be left behind.

EHIC and Passport – Please check that your child arrives at school with a valid Passport and European Health Insurance Card. These will need to be handed to Mr Prytherch to keep safe.

Safety when travelling – All students must wear the seat belts provided at all times when the coach is moving. As well as the obvious safety implications, we would like to inform you that it is an offence for any person not to wear a seatbelt while travelling in a coach fitted with seat belts. The fine for each person not wearing a seatbelt is now in excess of €135. In the event of a fine students will be asked to pay from their own money.

Outward crossing – We are travelling to the continent with P&O Ferries and depart from Dover at 10.05pm, arriving in Calais at 12.35am (local time) and we estimate to arrive in the resort mid-afternoon on Sunday 17 February.

Facilities at motorway services – A small amount of Euros will be necessary for food and beverages whilst travelling. On the continent toilet facilities usually have a 50 cent charge.  It is advisable that you bring some coins with you if you have them (if not, where possible please keep some coins aside after an initial purchase).

Ski boot fitting – This will take place once we arrive at our hotel. Please ask students to keep a pair of ski socks in their hand luggage for when they have their boots fitted, just in case there isn’t time to access their main luggage.

Damage – Any damage due to misbehaviour or negligence will be required to be paid for by the students involved.

Return journey

On the day of departure the students will ski in the morning. They will return to the hotel to shower and get ready to depart in the late afternoon/early evening. Please bring a towel for showering on the last day. The scheduled return ferry is at 10.45am on Saturday 23 February, arriving in Dover at 11.15am. The estimated time to return to school is at 7.00pm, but this could obviously change depending on traffic and/or weather. If this is earlier we will ask students to let you know and this will also be communicated where possible via the school’s website and social media accounts.

Contacting staff

Due to the nature of the activities it is not always possible to speak to a member of staff directly at the resort. As such we have arranged for the headteacher, Mr Snape, to be first point of contact for parents in case of an emergency. His contact details are available on the letter being sent home to parents and carers. Mr Snape can then offer advice and will contact staff in the resort as soon as possible if a response is required.

Hotel Address

Gastof Muhlthaler, Markt 12, A 5431, Kuchl, Austria.

This is a short bus ride from the ski resort and students will be travelling to and from the resort back to the hotel every morning and afternoon for their ski lessons. Lunches have been arranged at the resort.

Trip Updates

Where possible, due to broadband signal strength and mobile data, we will be posting general information, updates and daily photos via the school website as well as the school’s dedicated social media accounts. Look out for @mardenhighski on both Twitter and Instagram.

These will be general updates and photographs. If you have any more urgent information regarding the trip or you need to contact us or your child for any reason, please try to use the other more emergency lines of contact first.

Medical Information

Our Health and Safety officer Mrs Thompson has been liaising with parents and carers regarding student care plans and organising medication needed for the week. If a student, parent or carer is bringing medication on the day of departure from the trip, please give this to Mr Ranson, who is our designated first aider for the trip.

Medication and first aid supplies will be stored securely by the staff for the duration of the trip and students with specific medical needs or allergies will administer their medication with supervision and advice from Mr Ranson and other available staff.

If a student has a specific medical need or allergy which has not been previously declared, please let a member of staff know as soon as possible and before the departure of the trip. If any student requires first aid or medication (e.g. paracetamol, plasters, ice packs) this should be acquired from our first aid kit and recorded by a member of staff. Please do not bring or consume medication (including paracetamol and ibuprofen) without the knowledge or presence of a member of staff.

All ski instructors are fully first aid trained and speak fluent English.

Additional information

We look forward to seeing you and your child in the school car park on Saturday 16 February. As always if you have any further questions please contact either Mr Prytherch or Mr Richards, and we would be happy to discuss them with you.