Students Join Climate Protest

In a week of global action around the world, Marden students showed their support for the climate crisis with a protest on the roadside by Tynemouth Long Sands.

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The students marched from the school down to the beach during period 3, carrying banners and chanting, and they read out speeches demonstrating their commitment to take action against climate change.

They received support from passing cars and pedestrians as they played their part in the global event.

Headteacher Mr Snape commented: “As a school, we cannot encourage or condone students missing time from school. However, the issue that the students are protesting about is clearly an important one, and they are the next generation to struggle with the consequences of climate change, and so I would like us to be able to support any of them who want to get their views on this matter across, without them being absent from school. 

To this end, on Friday 20th September, a group of students and staff demonstrated with banners, speeches and posters on the seafront in order to communicate their views on what needs to be done to work towards a more environmentally sustainable future. 
This was a great opportunity for our young people to deliver a reasoned and
responsible message to the wider community.”