Year 7 History Debate

Year 7 Historians have been developing their Historical Skills through work on the Suffragettes. They’ve been exploring bias and propaganda – especially the difference between the tactics of the Suffragettes (academic, logical arguments) and the anti-suffrage movement (bias, suggestion and emotive language).

They finished their unit with a debate on the proposition that ‘the violent actions of the Suffragettes got women the vote’. Students followed the British Parliamentary debating style, and worked in teams to formulate arguments for or against the proposition. Their speeches needed to be a minimum of two minutes (easier said than done), include a powerful argument, anticipate the counter arguments, and respond to the speakers on the other side.
The quality of their arguments was phenomenal – students really got in to their parts and passionately argued each point. The quality of questioning from the floor really challenged the speakers, who dealt with being put on the spot with resilience. Special mention needs to go to Daniel and Neve who put forward excellent arguments, Drew who managed to anticipate the opposition’s arguments with foresight, and to Mr Lindsay (who had to step in at the last minute) for his superb use of alliteration while putting forward the incredibly entertaining argument that a woman’s place is in the home (he really got in to his anti-suffrage role!).
They rose to the challenge and really excelled themselves.