Term-time Holidays

Parents should seek permission for a leave of absence during term time prior to the leave, fully explaining the reasons for the request. This permission should be sought at least two weeks in advance. We will reply to all applications in writing stating whether or not the absence has been agreed. If the leave is not granted, the reason for not authorising a request will be clearly stated, as well as the possible consequences of disregarding the refusal. If a parent removes their child from school without requesting a leave of absence or without authorisation from the Head teacher, we will inform the parent in writing that a referral is being made to the Local Authority requesting a Penalty Notice to be issued. Parents will be made fully aware of a Penalty Notice being issued, and that failure to pay could lead to prosecution. A letter sent refusing a request will explain the reasons the request is not deemed to be an exceptional circumstance, and that a Penalty Notice will be issued if the leave is taken without permission.