How to use Google

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a way that pupils can access learning and resources independently. This learning dovetails with face to face teaching that happens in school.

How is blended learning used at Marden?

The main way we use blended learning at Marden is through the use of Google Classroom. Pupils will be able to access an online classroom for each lesson that they study. Every lesson that a teacher teaches will be added to the online classroom, together with any relevant resources. This means that pupils can revisit the learning, after the lesson, or, if they are absent from school, access the same learning as others.

Pupils can also access a range of online resources from Skills Builder, Heggarty maths, SAM learning and Seneca. These can be found on the ‘pupils & parents’ section of the website.

How is Google Classroom used for homework?

Most of the homework that pupils receive will be set on Google Classroom. The homework may be consolidation work or may be ‘flipped’ and require pupils to conduct some independent study prior to the lesson. Pupils should ‘hand in’ the work when it is completed. There is a ‘to do’ facility that allows pupils to see what when work is due in. Google Classroom has a ‘stream’ function to allow pupils to communicate with their teachers or they can also send a message or email. We would encourage pupils to communicate with staff as they would face to face using correct the salutation and sign off.

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