48 organisations are taking part in this event, including a whole range of employers from lots of sectors, all the sixth forms, colleges, universities, training and apprenticeship providers and Connexions advisors.
As well as lots of videos to watch as a live broadcast or as on demand videos, the main benefit is the chat function so pupils and parents will be able to ask questions to all these organisations directly!
Link below:

Careers Notices

National Careers Week 1-5th of March

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of career based events next week, including podcasts, live webinars and quizzes. All students will receive a pack of resources on Monday morning via their Google Classroom. We would like to encourage parents and carers to also look through these resources, as there is information, advice and guidance on how to support your child with their chosen career pathway.


Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College virtual open evening


TyneMet virtual open evening

Apprenticeship Webinars

Apprenticeship webinars coming up next week:

Monday 8th Feb – Industry insights with Leihberr apprentices, who work in a global manufacturing company based in the region.


Tuesday 9th Feb – Industry insights with Sage apprentices, who are incredibly well known company in the region and in the global fintech/digital industry.


Friday 12th Feb – Industry insights with Skills for Care and Health Education England North East


There is a National Apprenticeship Week (England & Wales) – ‘Apprentice Talk Sessions’ event coming up on Monday 8th February! All students who are interested in learning more about apprenticeships join us on this Webinar:
Webinar Details:
  • Monday 8th February, 3pm – 5pm
  • 12 Different Apprentice highlight journeys
  • Open to all year groups in Y10, Y11, Y12 & Y13
  • Opportunity to ask questions and find out about other young people’s career journeys
  • Learn about different types of apprenticeships, some myth busting and a few prizes along the way!
  • Free event for all students, teachers and parents
Registration Link: 

Siemens Apprenticeship Insight Webinar

Tuesday 26th January 10:00 – 11:00

If you are interested in finding out about apprenticeships offered by Siemens, the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, there is a free webinar tomorrow 10-11am.
You need to register first, do this by clicking on the link http://bit.ly/gbsiemens –
If you can’t make the webinar but you would like to find out more about this, register anyway and you will be sent a recording once the event has finished.
Many thanks.