We have a strong emphasis on student leadership at Marden. Developing autonomy and the ability to work both in groups and independently form part of the work we do with all our students. As such, we have Form Representatives and a team called the School Cabinet, then higher up the school, our Prefects.

Form Reps meet with their Head of Year termly and raise points made by their form group. This gives each form class the chance to have their voice heard and opportunities offered. Within form time there is often the chance for activities to be led by form reps.

The Cabinet is a group of students, from all year groups, who have a strong say in all areas of school. They support on interviews for new staff, lead on charity work and deliver assemblies to the school. Divided into subcommittees, there is specific work the teams complete with reference to the environment, student wellbeing, communication with other students and charitable fundraising work. The job of the Cabinet is to give all students a voice and ensure that student leadership is strong in all year groups.

If you would like to join the cabinet contact Mr Anderson or if you have any suggestions you can contact the cabinet via:

[email protected]