Hope, Agency, Leadership.

This is a vibrant, exciting place to be. We are a strong community, each individual full of hope, looking forward to many possibilities.

We are recognised for our innovative, high quality education and excellent examination results.

We believe in our young people and inspire them to achieve more than they ever thought possible, both in and outside the classroom.

Within the Marden family, we know each other well and are kind to one another.

We see hope and opportunity for everyone, recognising the great range of talents we all have, and we leave no stone unturned in helping our young people to a bright future.

At Marden we are able to express our own personalities, confident that we will be supported in the achievement of our goals and dreams.

Our focus on student leadership helps develop our strong moral compass, giving our young people a global awareness and a sense of agency to shape a more equal society for the future.

We focus on thinking about learning and developing student independence. Through their learning our children develop confidence and effective communication skills. They enjoy being creative and have a grounded sense of wellbeing. Learning is at the heart of all that we do, and the personalised provision we give helps develop resilient and resourceful young people.

Our school community is built on the commitment and expertise of staff, and the contributions of our parents and the wider business community. This means our students experience a rich cultural life, helping develop the life skills needed for their future success.

We are proud of who we are.