We continue to ensure that blazers, shirts, skirts, trousers, rugby tops, hoodies, shorts and tracksuit bottoms together with our ties can be bought from a range of outlets so that everyone is ready for learning, including Anne Thomas in Whitley Bay, Emblematic in Benton and supermarkets or shops where uniform supplies are sold.

In addition, another way we are able to support families is by providing uniforms from school when something is missing or damaged. This supply is through new uniforms we have purchased to distribute and also supported through the ‘previously loved’ scheme where families donate uniforms no longer needed to the school.

We wash the items donated and ensure they are in good condition before redistributing and therefore thank anyone, in advance, who might be in a position to donate a spare uniform that no longer fits to our reception…it will always go to a good home.

House Ties – students have the option to wear a house tie, with an additional coloured stripe to indicate the house that they are in: yellow for Alnwick, blue for Bamburgh, green for Dunstanburgh and red for Warkworth.

We have a stock of uniform within school which is accessible to all to borrow or take. This is stored in the Medical Room and is coordinated by Ms Seal. Contact her with any uniform issues by emailing [email protected].