Tips for Coping with Exams

It is normal to feel some stress during exams but with preparation and organisation you will find them easier to manage.  Here are some tips to help you cope:

  • Prepare a revision timetable – allow yourself enough time to revise but remember to also allow yourself some time for socialising, exercise and rest
  • Revise!  Compliment your home revision by attending revision lessons and don’t be afraid to ask your teacher if you do not understand something
  • Look after yourself – a healthy, balanced diet will give you energy and remember your brain needs water so drink plenty
  • Pack your bag the night before your exam so you have everything prepared for the next day
  • Aim to get a good night sleep before your exam and give yourself time to eat breakfast, it will give you energy.  Why not make it a social breakfast in school with friends and some revision?
  • Arrive at school early, it’s better to be early than be running late
  • Arrive at your exam room in good time and check where you are required to sit
  • At the beginning of the exam take a moment to settle yourself, focus and take some deep breaths before you start working
  • If in any doubt speak to a teacher, Exams Office staff or an Invigilator

Revise – Relax – Results


Advice for Students Taking Exams
  • Arrive at your exam room in good time
  • Contact the school if you are going to be late or absent – if we know you are having a problem we may be able to help you
  • If you do arrive late report to the school office and inform them you need to enter an exam late
  • An Invigilator will escort you into the exam room
  • Check the seating plan (in the foyer or on the wall outside the room) so you know where you must sit
  • Ensure your mobile phone and any other electronic equipment is switched off and handed into the invigilator
  • Equipment including writing equipment, maths equipment & calculators will be provided however you may wish to bring your own (but only equipment permitted for the exam you are taking)
  • You may bring a bottle of water (no juice or fizzy drinks) with the label removed – clear bottles only
  • Once in the exam room do not talk to other students
  • Put your personal belongings at the front of the exam room
  • Listen to the instructions of the invigilator carefully
  • When you start the exam take a few moments to read the question paper carefully
  • Follow the regulations of the examination at all times
  • Do not talk, attempt to talk or disturb any other candidate – you may be disqualified
  • If you need assistance during the exam put your hand up and wait for an Invigilator to come to you
  • You must not leave the exam room until told to do so by an Invigilator
  • At the end of the exam do not talk until you have left the room
  • Examination regulations are imposed by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) – we must abide by them and report any student found to be contravening them
  • After the end of the exam go immediately to your next lesson or as instructed by the person ending the exam and do not obstruct the foyer or corridors
    If you have any problems speak to your teacher, Curriculum Leader, the Examinations Officer or an Invigilator

    Mobile Phones and other Electronic Devices

    You are not permitted to take mobile phones and other electronic communication and storage devices, such as iPods and MP3/4 players, into the exam room. These items should be given to an Invigilator before the exam.  They will be securely stored and returned to you at the end of the exam.

    Students found to be possession of mobile phones and other electronic equipment are contravening exam regulations.  Appropriate action will be taken in accordance with JCQ regulations.