Latest Update: 8/12/2021

This week we have continued to work with the Department for Education and the Local Authority to work out a long term solution to the complex situation resulting from the roof damage and flooding that we have suffered. Our aim remains of course, to bring as many of our students into face to face contact with their teachers as possible, as quickly as possible.. We have been very pleased with how all students have responded to the challenging situation, both in school and where students are undertaking remote learning. I have spoken to all the students this week and I have emphasised the importance of them engaging with their remote learning, and of them communicating effectively with their teachers. I know that you will be waiting for information about how we move forwards as a community next week and into the Spring term, and I appreciate your patience and your continued support. I am hopeful that after my meeting with the Department for Education on Friday morning, I will be able to communicate further with you all via my weekly newsletter. Until then, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you or your child requires any further support.

Mr Snape

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