Year 10 students had a great day on Thursday with developers from Hedgehog Labs, a digital consultancy firm from Newcastle City Centre.

The top 3 groups!

They were challenged to create a digital solution to help climate change. The whole day was designed to give students a ‘day in the life’ as a digital developer working for a client brief.

The winners now have the opportunity to represent the school in a National competition! Well done to all who took part in the day.

Here’s some of the student feedback from the day!

Overall, I enjoyed digital Day, I liked working as a team to complete a brief, a skill that I can take away from this experience is getting to work under pressure with non-negotiable time constraints.
I felt that Digital Day was a very fun occasion, and I quite enjoyed how we could work in groups and make ideas for a piece of software. I learned a lot about how people in the technology business work, the jobs available, and how they are. I think I can take the teamwork part away from  the day. Thanks for letting me participate!
I thought that it was a fun experience and made me think about the future of the digital industry and what job I will end up doing.
I found digital day overall pretty fun, my team split into different parts to get different things done at the same time and it worked out pretty well so we gained some co-operation skills in digital day. Also, I was able to practice presenting which is was good as well.