GCSE Results day Connexions careers advice

Dave Bowie the Connexions Careers Adviser for Marden High School will be at GCSE Results day on the morning of Thursday 20th August 2015. If you need to review your options due to your results, attaining higher or lower results than expected, then please approach him for advice.

About Connexions


Dave Bowie is the Link Connexions Personal Adviser (Careers Adviser) for Marden High School

What does a Personal Adviser do?

They help with career planning in relation to giving information, advice and guidance in developing career ideas; They help people explore appropriate courses, apprenticeships, jobs and volunteering as well as supporting people to develop CVs and personal statements for application forms, and lots more.

Who do they see?

They interview pupils from year 9 upwards. Everyone in year 10 is invited to a meeting to start thinking early about career ideas. Most year 11 students are also invited to a meeting to finalise their transition plans.

What happens in the careers interview?

Students will be invited to their interview via e-mail.

Students will have the opportunity to discuss career ideas and look at all options available to get into individual careers. Barriers to careers such as academic achievement, personal skills, health and labour market availability will be considered when exploring careers. Back up plans will also be discussed as well as looking at other careers that may be of interest that relate to ideas and personal strengths. But if anyone is unsure, then ways of getting the information needed to make decisions, or to keep options open, will be explored.

In the week after the interview students will be sent an action plan electronically, which will be a summary of the discussion; including action points for student and adviser and also useful websites and general career information.

How they can be contacted?

Dave Bowie is normally in Marden High School on a Tuesday; however, he is usually in at least one other day on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. The Adviser works in the Advice and Guidance Room, which is in Inclusion 2 on the 2nd floor near Geography 2. If he is around then he is happy to see students during breaks, or will take details so as to arrange a future meeting. Angela Towes also helps out in the school so she may see a number of students.

There are also weekly drop-ins on a Tuesday lunch time.

You can telephone 0191 643 6965, mobile 07583225990, or email on [email protected]

Further details on website www.connexions-tw.co.uk