A research slide from Eddie about STEM careers.

A group of seven Year 7s had a slightly different take on the STEM/Media cross curricular project. Their first week involved them learning about brand identity and the power of media marketing.

They were then split into two randomly assigned teams and given the task of working together to come up with a marketing campaign all about STEM!



The two teams learned about brand identity and the importance of a strong logo; then they chose team names and designed logos.

Team STEMTRAIN had a very democratic method for choosing their preferred logo.

StemTrain was chosen as a symbol of relentlessness, with its symbol being a train that powered forward.

Meanwhile, the other team name was initially Diversity, with an emphasis on inclusivity and focusing on STEM jobs for all, and although their rhetoric remained the same, they eventually changed their name to Different Perspective and adapted their logo design accordingly.

The original team name and tagline for ‘Different Perspective’.

The final two logos.


Both teams utilised their new logos on sleek poster designs, and one thing this group of Year 7s really excelled at was their excellent photography skills.

The final posters from the three members of Different Perspective.


Team STEMTRAIN’s final poster designs.


With just a couple of lessons left, both teams filmed and edited promotional videos, showing off their campaigns and describing what STEM means to them.

Different Perspective deliver their presentation.

They then presented to a staff panel, describing what they had learned about marketing, brand identity, synergy and the effect of media campaigns.

StemTrain and Different Perspective took turns to individually discuss the justifications for their team names, their logos and presented their poster designs and video campaigns, as well as what they had learnt about working together as a team and any new Media skills they had developed.

StemTrain presenting to their peers and a staff panel.

Well done to both teams!



A new group of Year 7s convened in the Media Studio to begin the STEM/Media cross curricular project. They began by individually learning about brand identity and the power of media marketing, designing moodboards about different companies and their successful use of branding.

Madison researched the slick design of Samsung products.

They spent the next lesson reading the brief and researching STEM, before adding this to their document.

Brooke’s research into STEM careers.

The eight students were then split into two groups of four and started discussing their team ambitions, what they wanted to produce during the project, but also how they would market themselves. Their first task was to come up with a team name and logo as they started forming their team’s brand identity…


The two teams learned about brand identity and the importance of a strong logo. They chose team names and designed logos. Banana Stem was chosen as a symbol of wisdom, and a sleek yellow design followed. Meanwhile, Dynamite was the other team name, complete with a dynamic logo and snappy tagline; “We’ll blow you away.”

Both teams then showed off their photography skills and created posters to help promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, utilising their new team logos.


As both teams revealed and refined their poster designs, the two teams learned about storyboarding and script planning. Then, in the space of just two lessons, they filmed promotional videos about STEM, both groups deciding on a BBC-style news report format.

They then had just one lesson to edit their videos before planning their presentations to a staff panel…



With just one lesson of planning, both Banana Stem and Dynamite presented to a staff panel and outlined all they had done over the previous weeks.

Alice and Madison of ‘Dynamite’ reveal their poster designs.

They described what they had learned about marketing, brand identity, synergy and the effect of media campaigns.

They also discussed the justifications for their team names, their logos and presented their poster designs and video campaigns.

Well done to all Year 7s who produced some great work to a tight deadline and learnt a lot about STEM careers and different Media platforms.

‘Banana Stem’.



As an introduction to the project, the Year 7s were tasked with finding out just what STEM was. This also gave them an opportunity to explore on the Apple Macs we use in Media Studies.

Individually, each student made a presentation and researched Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The group of eight was split into two teams of four, with the intention to start an Apprentice-style task, both teams competing against each other to create rival media campaigns with a STEM focus.

As well as researching what opportunities there are in school and beyond relating to STEM, the teams researched different examples of successful media campaigns.

Alfie’s moodboard researching KFC marketing.

Holly researched Apple as a company.







The next task for each team was to come up with a team name before launching their media campaigns. So it was thus, the project would proceed as TEAM STEMPEDE vs. THE STEMGINEERS.


The group learned all about brand identity and continued their research into famous companies, what made them successful, and different marketing methods employed to ensure this success.

They learned about the importance of branding, synergy and the power of company logos and slogans. Then they set about designing logos and started to think about a brand identity for their teams.

There was a relentlessness to the theme for this team’s logo, who’s name was a play on words about the immediacy of STEM. The footprints reflected this and the elongated lettering gave it a slick design.

The STEMgineers incorporated the Marden badge into their logo, replacing symbols with recognisable STEM imagery and incorporating their slogan, ‘STEM careers for you’












With team names, a logo and a theme in place, each individual began working on a campaign poster, but with the intention that they fit the brand identity of their team.

Both teams of four decided to split their posters into the four main strands of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, delegating individual responsibility but with a group goal in sight. For most of the Year 7s it was also an opportunity to experiment with some tricky graphic design software, using Adobe Photoshop for the very first time.

The STEMgineers included a lot of colour in their posters, used the same font throughout, and clearly differentiated the different strands through the use of imagery.

Team Stempede went for a slick design, utilising the team logo and slogan in the same place on each poster, and introducing one bold image and a distinct colour scheme.


In just two lessons, both teams managed to film and edit short campaign videos, giving them the opportunity to use cameras, tripods and editing software on the Apple Macs.

Alfie and Holly explain their campaign slogan.

All students worked individually once again, taking different topics and assigning different roles in the editing process, before teaming up to merge their solo videos together. Imogen and Jenny from Team Stempede focused on their campaign to highlight the efforts of women in STEM, whilst Max and Cory sourced the music and gave an overview of different jobs using titles.

The Stemgineers discussed the varying careers available in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and interviewed their peers with a BBC-style news report.

Then in their final lesson both teams tied the whole project together by preparing rival presentations, outlining everything they have done over the weeks, and what they have learned about careers in STEM.

Team Stempede present their campaign video to the staff panel.

Working to a tight deadline, they presented to a panel of four staff, who were incredibly impressed with all the work put in during the eleven-lesson project. Well done Year 7!