GCSE Update

Since I wrote this morning, we have now heard the Government’s announcement to use Centre Assessment Grades for this year’s A levels and GCSEs. On Thursday, therefore, students will receive their Centre Assessed Grades, as I outlined in this morning’s statement, but will not receive any grade generated by OFQUAL’s algorithm.
We welcome this as the swiftest and most effective means of remedying the current situation around exam grading, without overburdening school leaders as they prepare for September re-opening.
This change brings England’s student’s in line with those under devolved governments in the rest of the UK, ensuring that England’s students are not disadvantaged by a disparity in results. It also ensures that going forward, the detrimental impact of the adjustments made by Ofqual’s algorithm on students, especially the most disadvantaged, is mitigated.
We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday.
M. Snape

The publication of the grades is the end of a national process where
centres were asked to decide most likely grades for pupils in each subject,
taking into account the progress that each of you had made through your
time studying in Year 10 and 11. These grades were put in rank order, by
grade, for each subject and sent to the exam boards. Working with OFQUAL,
the exam boards will now apply a standardisation process to all schools and
this is how the grades that you pick up in August will be arrived at. There
is a short video, produced by OFQUAL, that explains the process here:

There is also a student guide here:

Download (PDF, 979KB)

As part of this process, staff can not discuss the grade or rank order that
was submitted with either yourself or parents/carers before results day.
There will be information provided on the day explaining how you can apply
for this information. Appeals will be possible based only on the technical
calculation of the standardised grade. OFQUAL decided it would not be in
the interests of students or the fairness of the arrangements overall for
centre assessed grades (CAGs) to be appealed.

OFQUAL have also announced that an Autumn series of exams in all subjects,
where there is demand, will go ahead. This series will not take into
account coursework. These exams will take place between 2nd November and
23rd November. We are awaiting further clarification of where these exams
will be sat, although you will be entered by Marden. Again, there will be
more information about this available with your results.

At the present time we are planning results day in line with government
advice. We would like to see you pick up your grades and offer the support
we would usually. To accommodate this we have structured the day as below.
Results collection will be staggered, with each form group having a slot as
outlined below:

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Transition Update: Welcome to Year 7!

We are delighted to share with you this new Transition video, introducing our form tutors for the 2020/21 academic year:

If you are a parent/carer of a Year 7 student next year, you should receive a letter by the end of this week indicating which form class your child will be in next year.

The letter is posted below, and also outlines all transition resources available on our website (including more introductory videos like this one), details about our return to school in September 2020 in line with national guidelines, and contact details if you wish to get in touch with us. This has also been added to our Transition Welcome Pack on the specially dedicated section of our website, along with other letters and important information.