Seize the Day!

With a return to lockdown and remote learning, it’s more important than ever for our community to stay in touch as much as possible, by whatever means we can. Staff at Marden High are once again finding unique ways to maintain our health and happiness, stay connected to our students, and keep learning going.

We hope that these motivational messages show that we are thinking about you all, and we hope to be back together soon. Enjoy!

Card Payments Now Available

Pay the way that suits you best

Another way to pay for school meals – card payments now available

From Tuesday 8th December students can either pay using ParentPay account or use their own debit card to make purchases at the till at morning break and lunch time. They can use their card to pay contactless or chip & pin on a Barclaycard card reader. These purchases will not appear on your ParentPay account.

Please see our tariff on NTC / schools’ websites. The lunchtime offer includes meals packaged at £2.25 along with additional individual items.

ParentPay and free school meals allowance

Is your child eligible for free school meals? If so, your child’s account is credited with £2.25
each day they are in school. Purchases over £2.25 are not covered by the free school meal
allowance. Parents should always check ParentPay on a regular basis to ensure your account is in credit and that you know how much is being spent each day.

If you require activation details, a QR code or Pin Number, please email giving details of your child’s name and school.

Year 10 GCSE English Information Evening

Due to current government guidelines, this year’s GCSE English information evening, for all Year 10 parents and students, is taking place as a digital online event. Please find the presentation and supporting revision materials below.

Click here for VIDEO LINK

Auto top-up assists parents and carers in ensuring their child’s school meal balance is
always in credit. It does so by allowing you to set a minimum balance which, when breached
automatically credits your child’s meal balance by a fixed amount using a balance transfer

In order to use auto top-up, you are required to set up the bank transfer facility on your
Parentpay account. As soon as this is authorised and completed by your bank, you will be
able to use the auto top-up facility.

For more information visit or