BBC Young Reporter LIVE – 4:03pm

It is Takeover Week this week at Marden High, and our Year 8s have taken over the Media Studio and found out what is like in the high pressure world of journalism.

There have been some fantastic reports today during our first practice day of the year. Young journalists of the future handled complex topics maturely and confidently, & some of them even hit the deadline too! A great experience of the world of journalism and media!

Stories covered included environmental issues, the controversy surrounding palm oil, Article 13 and how it effects YouTube creators, and a maturely handled story about the controversy that still surrounds breast feeding in public.

Our Year 8s have had a brilliant day, and reports will appear online very soon!

Takeover Week 2013

For the third year running, Marden High School took part in Takeover Day, run by the Children’s Commission. Once again, and based on the success of last year’s experiment, we turned this into Takeover Week, as students took over all aspects of the school and got their point across in staff meetings, as well as delivering lessons, working on reception and working in the school kitchen. Watch the video below to see how they got on…

Takeover Week 2012

Marden High School recently took part in an ambitious project in association with the Children’s Commission’s Takeover Day initiative. Staff and students switched roles, and students had an exclusive insight into how the school is run; joining staff meetings, delivering lessons and taking part in other integral school decisions. Watch our video to find out more…

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