We maintain a caring, orderly and friendly atmosphere. Marden promotes the qualities of patience, tolerance, praise and concern for the individual. We expect high standards of our students and they respond with excellent behaviour, commitment to learning and consideration for others.

We are a caring school, but we have strict expectations of student conduct. We expect everyone to show respect and consideration for others and we are highly regarded for our anti-bullying measures.

We expect everyone to abide by our very fair uniform policy. The school looks to the home for support in all such matters of behaviour and school routine, so that students learn to take responsibility for their own actions.

Guidance to success

At Marden, guidance begins well before our students join the school. Our Student Support and Progress Coordinator leads liaison with partner primary schools which involves regular consultation, teacher exchanges and a sequence of visits to the school. All of this helps Year 5 and 6 pupils adjust to the challenges of learning with us. We enjoy excellent relationships with primary schools and seek to build on the
high levels of attainment they achieve.

To ensure the best possible care, we divide the school into small units. Our year group system is led by five Year Co-ordinators, and all students belong to a tutor group. The form tutor’s role is to work closely with their pupils to develop individual’s capacity for learning and personal and social accomplishment. The tutor monitors the learning of individual students to ensure that everyone achieves their potential. Our tutors are extremely caring and conscientious in giving students individual attention and in tracking their achievement. They are able to do so because of our up to the minute use of electronic assessment data.

We are acutely conscious of the need to prepare Year 11 students for the next stage of their careers.

Students are prepared for study at college or local sixth forms and everyone is given work-related learning. There is a robust programme of careers guidance which is well supported by our advisers.

Marden High has strong ties with schools, sixth forms, private schools and local employers. We have also joined with two other schools and Tyne Metropolitan College to create Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College to offer a seamless pathway from school through to A level and then on to university.

Partnership with parents

It is our belief that students do best when they are given maximum support at school and at home.

We pride ourselves on the positive relationships we build with parents and are very aware of the need to communicate regularly which we do in a variety of ways. All students have individual education plans which are used to set targets with full parental involvement. Parents can monitor progress with these targets by taking advantage of our on line parental portal which gives 24/7 information on achievement and behaviour.

Students also have a handbook, which is used for logging homework and improvement targets and is also an important means of  communication with home.

Other methods of communication are our highly developed website and regular newsletters for parents and the wider community. Reports are issued twice a year and we host parental consultation meetings, giving
parents the chance to talk directly to our staff.

Caring for the individual

Marden is for everyone.

We include all students in the life of the school whatever their background or ability. Some students require more support than others and we use a range of strategies to make sure they have equal opportunities to access our teaching and learning. Our highly-trained teams of special educational needs staff and learning mentors offer support in the classroom and provide students with extra help, as well as counselling on personal matters. We also host the highly rated North Tyneside Deaf Support Centre which is an integral part MHS. Recognition and rewards We celebrate success. Good work and behaviour are rewarded regularly through our points system for good work. We hold special events, such as celebration meals and excursions, for those who do consistently well. Students are also rewarded with certificates in termly rewards assemblies and a glittering prom is staged every June for our Year 11 leavers.

Child Protection

The safety and well-being of all of our students is our highest priority. To this effect we will follow the policies and procedures set out by North Tyneside’s Safeguarding Children’s Board (NTSCB).

The school will:

  • operate Safe Recruitment practice
  • adhere to NTSCB, DfE and Ofsted guidance and advice
  • follow North Tyneside Practice Guidance for dealing with allegations of abuse
  • ensure that staff are trained on a regular basis in child protection procedures.

At times, students may make disclosures of which are cause for concern. It is the responsibility of the Designated Teacher to refer child protection concerns to the Front Door service. (It is important to note, however, that any member of staff can refer their concerns directly). In the first instance, the Designated Teacher will undertake a discussion with parents prior to involvement of another agency, unless, in his/her opinion doing so would place the child at further significant risk.

The full Child Protection Policy is available to read on this school website